Thursday, March 22, 2007

Gardener's Block

Did you ever look at an empty spot in your garden and think "I have no idea what I want to do here"? I think this must be something like writer's block. Our house has been under renovation, inside and out, for what seems like a very long time now. The garden was all but neglected last summer as I tried to stay out of the way. Last week our deck was finally completed, and now I'm looking at a big patch of mud that needs plants (or something) on it.

You know how a zebra is a horse designed by committee? This deck is a lot like that. I created a design, of which I drew a rough sketch and turned it over to the carpenter. He interepreted it in terms of what he wanted to build; it was close enough so I let it go. Then the county made some changes during the building permit process. The permit was issued and the carpenter began to build, but the dimensions were much larger than what I had described to him. Too late at that point. Soon after that, he was no longer working for us (long story). Five months later, we found someone who would finish the job. He glanced at the plans and finished it to suit his idea of how it ought to be. And it's fine, really, but rather different than the idea I started with.

But this enormous slab of wood in the middle of the backyard truly is a block. It changed everything. Not just from the removal of plants that were in the way, but the whole shape of the garden is different. The traffic patterns are changed. The angle of viewing is changed. The upslope at the edge of the woods is gone in the middle, with the deck coming directly to meet the higher ground. The little holly tree that used to be down the steps, across the yard, and at the edge of the woods now looks like it's going to come in the house and join us for dinner. I just can't wrap my mind around these changes yet...

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Annie in Austin said...

That is one big dang rectangular chunk of wood to deal with, Entangled. Sort of like a formal banquet table placed in a forest clearing. When your inspiration suddenly comes, then you can have fun with it!

I'm so glad to find you again! I kept getting 'page cannot be displayed'. Good luck with getting your domain problems resolved.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose